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The following products and services are part of our product range:



SMD manufacturing

We mount microtechnology in our machine park with four mounting lines:

  • Our latest two high-performance lines consist of 2 ASM SX2 modules each, a DEK Horizon 8 paste printer and an Ersa Hotflow 4/20 reflow soldering system.
  • A Siplace line consisting of a PCB stacker, a Speedline printer, 5 Siplace modules S15, F3, an inspection bridge and an ERSA Hotflow 11 reflow soldering system.
  • Another Siplace line consisting of 3 Siplace modules S 20, F4 and an ERSA Hotflow 11.

   Ersa Hotflow 420 Reflowloeten               Siplace ASM SX2 Module ESCD               ERSA Hotflow 11 Reflowloeten ESCD


THT production

For THT production we have at our disposal an ERSA Versaflow for selective soldering and two Powerflow N2 wave soldering machines of the latest generation.

                              ERSA Versaflow THT               Loetwelle ESCD               Loetwelle Ersa Powerflow

Our THT production assembles complex mixed circuit boards (SMD and THT) as well as electronic power modules on customer order. Mixed assemblies in THT and SMD technology are soldered RoHS compliant. We offer our customers both soldering processes for the conversion from leaded to lead-free production.

For surface preservation we use the modern painting line Rehm Protecto XP in conjunction with a RDS 3000 oven.

                              THT Produktion               Lackierstrasse ESCD               ProtectoXP Beschichtungsanlage



Device assembly and custom technology

For custom technology and individual device assembly, we command an IBL and a REHM vapor phase.

                                   Geraetemontage ESCD                Sondertechnik Rehm Dampfphase



In-circuit test, AOI and programming

In our test field there are two Marconi test systems: an IFR4200 and an IFR4220. The systems offer an in-circuit test as well as function test and programming of all common program blocks.

In addition, the new AOI system OptiCon AdvancedLine from Göpel offers the possibility of a 3D inspection of all assemblies for even better quality.

                              Goepel AdvancedLine 3D Inspektion               AOI               ICT Pruefung Marconi 4200



X-ray diagnosis

With our "pcba|analyzer" X-ray unit from Phoenix, we are also able to carry out an optical inspection even of complex assemblies and hidden solder joints.

                              Roentgen               SteckerAF8 4058