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A story of steady growth - Information on our company history


Foundation of the company Elektronik Service - Christoph Dichte. In the first years the company produced components for AEG, KEHA, Philips and Siemens.

The legendary floppy accelerator "Speed DOS" for the former Commodore C64 series was manufactured and distributed in our company.
This was followed by the production of relay boards PO 32/RU and PO 32/OU (opto-couplers) for dosing systems. Subsequently we took over the complete production of PO 20 digital printers, including material procurement.

The establishment of a specialist representation for Philips audio video systems led to a significant expansion of the company's product range.
Our most spectacular project in this context was the installation of a discussion and interpreting system with a total of 1000 (!) microphone units in the Karlsruhe Congress Centre.

Elektronik Service - Christoph Dichte now manufactured assemblies for customers in the fields of medical, sun protection, core and building control technology.

Thanks to the good order situation, the production area was increased from 140 to 240 sqm.

In view of the advancing miniaturization in the field of component production, the production facility was expanded to include an SMD assembly line from Siemens.
Due to the increased space requirement of the SMD production, an additional 560 square meters of production space were rented.

The company Elektronik Service - Christoph Dichte has reached a production area of approx. 1200 sqm.

Founding of ESCD GmbH in July 2007.
The succession regulation and increasing order growth are reasons for the refounding.
The shareholders and managing directors of the new company are Christoph Dichte and Jörg Grimsmann.
In the course of the refoundation the production rooms were air-conditioned and the SMD production was modernized again.
The production area was expanded to 1690 sqm.

Expansion of the production area to 2000 sqm. Acquisition of an AOI system.

Acquisition of a Versaflow for lead-free technology, supported by WTSH.

New investment: Acquisition of an ERSA Powerflow N2.

Start of the next expansion phase with the lease of the adjacent site in Jahnstraße with a former tennis court. Expansion of production to include a liquid nitrogen tank.

Planning for the expansion of production capacities by 530 sqm and the relocation of administration from Fährstraße to Jahnstraße is taking shape. Negotiations with the city on a change in the building plan and acquisition of the leased land plot are concluded.
Expansion of production by an X-ray machine from Phönix X-Ray to improve the control of manufactured assemblies and components, as well as customer-specific testing of assemblies and other hardware.

February: Inspection capacities reinforced by Göpel's new AOI system OptiCon AdvancedLine.
May: Acquisition of property. July: Extension of the inspection with a flying probe.
August: Start of construction work in the first construction phase with demolition of the tennis facility.
November: Laying of the foundation stone for the administration building and the new production hall.

May: Commissioning of the third SMD line in the expansion of the production area at the Annastraße location. Relocation of the administration to the new office wing at Jahnstraße 6.

June: A high-performance ASM line with two SX2 modules, a DEK Horizon 8 paste printer and an Ersa Hotflow 4/20 reflow soldering system replaces the 3rd line.
July: A second Ersa Powerflow N2 wave soldering system doubles our THT output.October: Another ASM line with two SX2 modules, a DEK Horizon 8 paste printer and an Ersa Hotflow 4/20 reflow soldering system starts operation.

January: Expansion of the nitrogen storage by a factor of 4. Acquisition of the new generation of the Rehm ProtectoXP coating system.
March: Start of construction for the eastern extension of our company with a 2000 sqm central warehouse.

Completion of new warehouse with more than 1500 pallet spaces

Extension of production lines by AOI VarioLine 3D from Goepel Electronic, full automated THT workstations from Kurtz Ersa and a second spray line Protecto XP from Rehm.
Beginning of final extension phase with the construction of the new production hall in Jahnstraße 6

Setting up a department for development of hard- and software
September: Completion of the new production hall and start of production with enlarged machinery