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Follow us on our new construction project for the expansion of our production facilities:


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The work on the footing of our apprentice home is almost finished. Just in time for the start of the new training year in August 2023 there should be a hostel for our apprentices on our company grounds.

layout apprentice home escd

Each of the eight sleeping rooms will be equipped with its own bathroom. A communal kitchen and a lounge complete the new home.

side view apprentice home escd


The longed-for robotic project at the primary school in Burg is about to start next February. Thanks to the eight Lego EV3 kits sponsored by ESCD numerous models can be built without any previous knowledge: robotic lawn mower respective - vacuum cleaner, animated turn indicator blinker, sorting machines and traffic lights are just some of the models contained in the boxes which enable to acquire basic mindsets and structures for programming. 
By his support Jörg Grimsmann (CEO) would like to arouse the children's curiosity about scientific and mathematic topics and to encourage the interest in technical professions in the region. Together with his son he handed the new kits over to Sabine Timmerman, principal of primary school Burg.

schoolkids receiving robotic kits

Now we have plenty of space for our SMT- and THT placement lines. The new hall is fully air-conditioned, provides a heat pump and works with heat recovery. The roof area will be equipped with a photovoltaik system in the same manner as the roof area of our warehouse. In November we are going to install four Material Towers to automate our warehouse system.

company premesis 2022inside of production hall

 From now on four new material towers by ASMPT complete our assembly and help to prevent unnecessary stoppages on our production lines. The time for storage and taking out now takes less than 20 seconds for one reel. Besides the automated material flow process the classical taking out by hand is still possible  to keep maximum flexibility during production.material tower

In summer 2023 we plan to complete an apprentice home for our trainees. For this purpose the old house on an adjacent land will be demolished and a new building will be constructed. Thus we enable young people to start an apprenticeship at our house even if they live well away. 

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