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Follow us on our new construction project for the expansion of our production facilities:


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On this page you will find the chronology of the expansion of our production and storage facilities, which began in May 2016 with the purchase of a new site at Jahnstraße 6 in Brunsbüttel, Northern Germany.

Sept 2022 – Production hall completed!

Now we have plenty of space for our SMT- and THT placement lines. The new hall is fully air-conditioned, provides a heat pump and works with heat recovery. The roof area will be equipped with a photovoltaik system in the same manner as the roof area of our warehouse. In November we are going to install four Material Towers to automate our warehouse system.

company premesis 2022inside of production hall

Feb 2022 – Framework of new hall set up!

It starts looking like a building, the wooden scaffolding has already been set up. The hall will contain offices for quality assurance and head of production as well as breakrooms. But the largest space will be occupied by the production itself.

Lagerhalle Baustelle0 Lagerhalle Baustelle1
Lagerhalle Baustelle2 Lagerhalle Baustelle3


Oct 2021 – Beginning of final phase of expansion

By building our new warehouse we had already multiplied our storage capacities by a factor of five and now the second hall will follow. This hall is as large as the warehouse but will serve as production hall for our high-performance mounting.

Here we are planning to house three modern ASM linies with powerflow, as well as a coating line and THT production. Thus we duplicate our productin capacities once again.

Jan 2020 – New warehouse completed!

We have multiplied our storage capacites by a factor of five with our new warehouse and are now able to extend our production capacities. In addition to that the new depot offers space for up to 1500 europallets. Find below some impressions of our new production area just after completion of the warehouse. Located next to the river Elbe and the Kiel Canal we are now capable of providing a higher added value for our customers!

DJI 0159DJI 0169DJI 0172DJI 0173

Expansion of the storage area (2019)

After the expansion of the production and administration area had already been successfully completed for two years, construction of a new warehouse commenced at the beginning of 2019.

Below you can see the construction site in a time lapse of one year: The picture above left shows the construction area before the start of the construction project (June 2018), the picture below right the status of construction work in April 2019.

Lagerhalle Baustelle0 Lagerhalle Baustelle1
Lagerhalle Baustelle2 Lagerhalle Baustelle3


Expansion of production (2016 - 2017)

In September 2016, work started on the expansion of the production facility and the construction of the new administration wing. A new fence was erected along the new site boundaries. Then the demolition of the old building could begin:

IMG 5657 IMG 5660
IMG 5664 IMG 5668

Start of construction (Section 1):

At the end of October, the earthworks could begin. First, the excavation for the construction road was started to secure the access road for the extension building. Foundation work then began between the two existing wings of the production plant:

The excavation was finished, and the area was filled with new load-bearing soil:

IMG 6838 IMG 6841
IMG 6837 IMG 6840

The excavation is finished and the area is filled with new load-bearing soil:

IMG 6893 IMG 6894
IMG 6896 IMG 6898

Start of construction (Section 2):

After the foundation was completed, the casting of the base plate for the 500 m2 large extension followed, which will include the new dispatch centre and the goods receiving area in addition to another SMD line.

IMG 6920 IMG 6922
IMG 6924 IMG 6918

Time is passing by and so is our new building. After the concrete has dried we started with the hall construction. Meanwhile the side parts are standing, and the roof construction is finished. The roof will be covered before Christmas and we can celebrate the topping-out ceremony!

The large skylight dome in the middle of the hall, which will provide a good atmosphere and daylight, can be seen beautifully. This is part of the sustainable energy concept of the new building, which will provide low energy consumption in addition to low heat requirements, as the ventilation will be demand-driven.

IMG 7057 IMG 7063
IMG 7055 IMG 7058

Now the roof has been put on!

IMG 7229 IMG 7230
IMG 7233 IMG 7235

The office building is now also being constructed and the production extension has received the skylight dome and the side walls:

Aufstellung Bürogebäude IMG 7433
IMG 7434 IMG 7435

The office building has also been completed and is now getting its roof. The topping-out ceremony can come!

IMG 7485 IMG 7486
IMG 7488 IMG 7490

Start of construction (Section 3):

The hall is ready, and we celebrated the topping-out ceremony on 09 February 2017. Now section 3 of the interior construction begins. It's nice to see on the new pictures that the construction work on the office building is almost finished and that the interior work can be started there as well.

IMG 7605 IMG 7608
IMG 7609 IMG 7612

Final construction phase and move into the administration building:

Finally, the time has come! Since the end of May 2017, the administration is now located at Jahnstraße 6 and the purchasing department has also moved from Annastraße 14 to the new office building. In the production hall, the third line with an ERSA HotFlow 4/20 will be put into operation within the next few days.

The third hall will be completed at the end of June and will house the new logistics and spare parts centre.

IMG 8749 IMG 8745
IMG 8738 resized IMG 8742